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How to buy bitcoins with Lamassu ATM


Below, you will find how to buy bitcoins with Lamassu ATM.

This is the second most popular Bitcoin teller machine in the world so far, coming second behind Genesis range of ATM models. You can find the lamassu Bitcoin ATMs in so many countries worldwide.

Note that lamassu does not support printing of paper wallet, therefore you need to have a Bitcoin address or wallet before you can use this machine. The wallet can either be on your phone or printed on paper.

The procedure for purchasing bitcoins from lamassu is as follows:

  • Press “Start” button
  • Scan the QR code of your pre-defined Bitcoin address
  • Put cash into the machine
  • Press “Send”

By default, the machine does not have any form of verification procedure in place. However, some operators may include custom verifications in their machines, such as SMS verification.

The process is fast as shown in the video below:

Here it is, the procedure on how to buy Bitcoins with lamassu ATM.