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Is the Exodus Wallet Safe? Checkout Details


Read my Review about the Exodus Wallet App for Desktop.

According to the founders, Exodus began development in 2015 but it was probably launched mid 2016. Exodus Wallet, though new is already gaining reputation and growth in the Bitcoin world.

Let me show you features that makes exodus wallet quite unique and most appealing:

A Multiple Asset Wallet

It is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that employs a very easy-to-use User Interface.

EXODUS wallet is becoming increasingly attractive to crypto-currency fans as it can store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Dash all in one purse.

So it is not just a Bitcoin wallet, but a “Blockchain assets wallet”. Exodus is partly open source and is built to easily calculate and present your crypto funds with an eye-catching pie chart.

Exodus runs a built-in exchange that helps you to quickly trade supported coin and freely convert one altcoin to another.

Their backup wizard allows you to keep your wallet secure and ready for subsequent use and to mitigate loss.

This is aside from being partially open source, while the inter-currency exchange feature is facilitated by the integration of the ShapeShift API.

Creative and aesthetic design

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A very attractive and simple user interface is really a strong point for Exodus.

Probably the strongest suite Exodus has is its user interface; As newbies in crypto-currencies will still be able to reasonably navigate the walllet without much hitches.

Ofcourse, you know that simplicity is not a regular language in the crypto-currency world, little wonder the ease in navigating exodus appeals especially to crypto-currency fans.

Furthermore, the UI will always construct a beautiful pie chart showing the user’s total holdings and their exact distributions.

This pictorial display present all needed information instantly and no doubt appeals to a lot of customers.

Moreover, the wallet also provides a built-in exchange, which allows for instant trading between the five supported currencies. A nifty feature, that much is certain.

All Resources are stored on your computer

Exodus is a light weight wallet and does not require you to download the complete Blockchain to your PC unlike with Bitcoin Core.

All the private keys to your crypto-currencies are stored in your computer. Because it is a desktop wallet, navigation is quite easy and fast as all information are handy.

Exodus wallet is currently supported by Mac, Windows and Linux systems.

Exodus Wallet Security

As I mention earlier, the backup wizard allows you to keep your wallet secure and ready for subsequent use and to mitigate loss.

Exodus will also send you a backup email link if you wish to install it on another device (in the event that your computer is lost or destroyed).

The backup link is very secure and easy to operate through the use of a password and a security phrase (should you forget your password).

Free inter-currency exchange within the wallet

I think I give thumps up to Exodus for making it possible to trade Bitcoin for other currencies and vice versa within the wallet.

Exodus has an integrated exchange solution (powered by ShapeShift API) that helps you to easily trade crypto-currencies in seconds.

It is not possible to buy Bitcoins with fiat however, since the whole idea of the wallet is to get away from any verification process and dealing with stiffly regulated banks, I think it OK and acceptable.

Areas that needs improvement

One of the few flaws with Exodus wallet is that it is not yet feasible to have both a normal Bitcoin address and a watch-only address in the same client.

This is an area of concern for most users, but I think it is a challenge which the developers can easily handle in their subsequent updates.

One excellent feature which I look forward to have included is the option to control a number of wallet addresses in each supported currency.

This way we can have both a regular Bitcoin address and a watch-only address in the same client.

Another assignment for Exodus developers is to work on having the aesthetic pie chart to display the crypto-currency holding in other currencies besides USD.

Currently the crypto wallet denominates the available currencies in only US dollar.

Non-American customers who would prefer other currencies such as GBP, EURO and other major world currencies will be glad to have a broader currency denomination.

I agree it may require a bit of hard work to incorporate other currencies, but nothing is too much a price for customer’s loyalty.

Imagine having a UK based merchant who basically uses GBP all of the time seeing his Bitcoin asset holding directly in GBP without having to do any conversion to determine the worth of his Bitcoin savings.


All things considered, my rating of exodus wallet is way beyond average.

It is an appealing solution for crypto-currency expert and newbie’s. I believe the developers are customer centered and will likely come up with better updates and customizations for the wallet.

Being that Exodus is a desktop wallet, it is just available for desktop usage only.

Please use the comment box and let me know what you think about the Exodus wallet.