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30+ Bitcoin payment processors/gateways for your online business


Are you an online merchant that wants to start accepting Bitcoin on your website? Then look through the list of Bitcoin payment processors available for you.

Starting to accept Bitcoin payments on your website is quite easy. As a matter of fact, every online merchant who is keen on taking advantage of all sales boosting model, should be accepting Bitcoin payment on their website. Configuring a payment module for your website can be completed in as little as 1 hour, depending on the Bitcoin payment processor.

There are two types of Bitcoin payment acceptance which online merchants can adopt on their website. One of such is DIRECT BITCOIN ACCEPTANCE, while the other is INDIRECT BITCOIN ACCEPTANCE.

DIRECT BITCOIN ACCEPTANCE: This is a situation whereby you as a merchant displays your Bitcoin address on your site. By this, users or customers can send Bitcoin directly to your wallet by scanning a QR code using their mobile APP or sending the Bitcoin straight to your address.

INDIRECT BITCOIN ACCEPTANCE: This is the integration of a third party payment processor module on your website, to handle the Bitcoin payment and acceptance process. Thereafter, the payment processor settles you by either converting the Bitcoin to fiat currency for you or sending it to your own preferred Bitcoin wallet.

Most payment processors allow you to set your prices in your local currency such as the USD. This has a huge advantage as you will use your local currency, thereby making your customers comfortable with the price tag. At the same time, you don’t have to peg your prices to Bitcoin’s exchange rate. This means you can let your prices float regardless of the current Bitcoin rate.

List of Bitcoin Payment Processors/Gateway

1. solves the major challenge of generating a unique address for each invoice or user. With Blockchain Receive payments API, Bitcoin addresses are always generated and monitored. Their callback function notifies users when payment is received.

2. Coinify: With coinify, you can receive payments in over 16 digital currencies, including Bitcoin, whether online or at a physical location, risk-free. You can also accept pay-outs in your local currency ensuring your protection of value.

3. Xapo: Get powerful development tools to easily integrate Bitcoin Wallets and payments into your websites and applications. To get started, you need to create an account at

4. BitcoinPay: BitcoinPay is a payment processing provider (PSP) for Bitcoin. BitcoinPay has made it easy for enterprise owners and operators to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment just like a regular credit card, Paypal or cash.

The merchant can choose to keep payments in Bitcoin or have the Bitcoin converted to EUR, USD, PLN, CZK and other currencies and have them deposited into their regular accounts.

5. Bitpay: With Bitpay Payment processors, you are charged a flat settlement fee of 1%. They allow users to make and receive payment in any amount, from across the world. Merchants that sign up with BitPay can receive payments in Bitcoin and have funds sent directly to their bank account from over 33 countries, settled in USD, Euro, GBP, and other currencies.

6. Coinbase: This is a U.S based Bitcoin merchant solution provider that has the following features: Setup in minutes, 2-Click Coinbase payments, Accept any Bitcoin payment, Customizable options, Mobile Friendly interface, Full API.

Coinbase has the largest e-commerce presence and the largest customers. Coinbase confirms Bitcoin payments in just a few seconds with no chargebacks, which makes costs associated with online fraud minimal.

7. Coingate: Coingate is a Bitcoin payment processor that allows your customers to pay with Bitcoin and altcoin; charges a processing fee of 1%. CoinGate Point of Sale app allows store owners to accept Bitcoin or altcoins payments in exchange for their goods and services using an Android app or an iOS app on a smartphone or a personal computer.

8. Coinsbank: Are you a merchant who runs an online store or you need to receive payments from users on your site? Now, with Coinsbank, you can get payment from users in different crypto currencies and move it to your fiat money bank account – US dollars or euro.

It will no longer be necessary to worry about converting from cryptocurrency to fiat. Also, coinsbank has a dedicated mobile app from where you can access her full range of blockchain services, from a secure wallet, fiat money gateways, and cash cards to trading exchanges, charts, and merchant tools.

9. BlockPay:  It’s a Bitcoin payment gateway for a host of crytocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem, Dash and Smartcoins. Blockpay is working to support other cyber currencies soon. Also, They claim to operate zero processing fee.

10. ChainPay: ChainPay offers remittance in a variety of currencies, GBP, EUR, and USD. It Supports 165 invoice currencies and a variety of payment methods and connects you with customers from all over the world. ChainPay allows Bitcoin payments for the smallest merchant to the largest enterprises. It has a robust API and supports the world’s most popular e-Commerce packages.

11. BitBay market serves as a payment gateway between crypts and fiat currencies. The BitBay platform decentralizes the way merchant services and online auctions are done through the internet. BitBay provides the world with a first taste of how crucial it is to utilize the blockchain technology when doing business between two parties.

Bitbay market assures there will no longer be a lost contract, invoice, receipt, will, notary, or any other binding agreement.

12. Blockonomics: Blockonomics provide a Bitcoin Payment Gateway and does not charge any transaction fee. Currently they don’t support altcoins, but hope to start accepting it soon.

13. GoCoin: This Bitcoin payment processor supports Dogecoin and Litecoin. The integration of GoCoin requires WooCommerce to be installed on your site. GoCoin has a slightly different  fee schedule than other gateways, as it charges 1% transaction fee on all funds processed. Merchants can only withdraw a minimum of $20 from their account. The minimum requirements are much lower if you are withdrawing funds as crypto currency.

14.PayStand: This is an e-commerce and payment checkout system that enables organizations to take credit, e-check and Bitcoin at 0% fees.

15. Unocoin: Unocoin gateway provides an easy and quick solution for users to receive Bitcoin as a means of payment for their products and services. The good news is that it charges her customers no fee. There is also detailed information on how to integrate your business with this payment gateway.

16. GoUrl : It runs an open source Bitcoin payment processor platform which has no monthly charges. You do not need to have an ID or a bank account. Your payments are directly transferred to a Bitcoin wallet. It gives you the opportunity to deal with anyone, anywhere in the world, securely and anonymously with zero chances of charge back.

17. SpicePay: They Support the acceptance of payments in Bitcoin and instant withdrawal of funds in USD via PayPal, WebMoney, or bank transfer. Its service offers quick and efficient integration. You can have your products and services sold to anyone, anywhere in the world, easily, safely and affordably.

18.  Bitcoinpay: Headquartered in UK, Bitcoinpay is one of the fastest-growing firms in Bitcoin commerce. It offers a comprehensive and on the spot payment gateway built on top of the P2P virtual currency Bitcoin.

19. Coinkite: The Toronto startup, established in 2013, has beefed up its offering with introduction of  a pay button which will make for easy collection of funds from customers online. This new “Buy Button” can be easily placed on websites, and then it routes all payments back into their Coinkite wallets most impressively. Coinkite subscribers can receive these payments with a high degree of privacy because it does not require javascript nor cookies.

20. Cryptopay: the major service of  Cryptopay is processing payment for merchants who’d like to accept Bitcoin. It stands as a middleman that ensures the settlement for Bitcoin and currency transactions. It also eliminates currency exchange risk, reduces paperwork and provides IT-infrastructure.

LIST of Bitcoin POS Payment Processors

21. DC POS : Provides a straightforward effective and safe way for customers and merchants to pay with and accept Bitcoin over the counter.

22. Blockchain Merchant: Block chain merchant has made it simple to receive Bitcoin payments at any retail location. It makes the ideal point-of-sale (POS) solution for restaurants, bars, cafés and all retail merchants accepting Bitcoin.

23. Revel Systems: This Bitcoin payment processor provides a range of POS solutions and options for quick-service restaurants, self-service kiosks, grocery stores and retail outlets, among other merchants.

24. BitXatm: This is a German based start-up that provides two-way ATMs with point-of-sale functions. Its POS solution – Sumo Pro – is a crypto currency ATM with a POS function for merchants seeking to easily accept payments from customers in digital currencies.

25. Coin of Sale is a Bitcoin POS payment processing terminal manufacturer especially for retail merchants and customers.

26. XBTerminal: XBTerminal is a remarkably fast, easy and economical way for merchants to begin accepting Bitcoin straight away.  It provides a Bitcoin POS device that allows the merchant’s customers to pay from any mobile Bitcoin wallet by NFC or QR code.

27. BitKassa:  This is specialised Bitcoin-to-euro converting POS platform. Here, merchants accepts payments in Bitcoin and automatically convert them into euros when the funds reach the bank account.

28. CoinCorner this is a POS solution that allows merchants to accept Bitcoin and automatically convert that to fiat, removing the risk of Bitcoin value volatility.

29. BIPS used to be a Bitcoin Payment Service Provider (PSP) for merchants, whether using an eCommerce platform or having a native website, BIPS supports site owners with both plugins and hosted invoices.

If you need to collect re-current billing in Bitcoin from your clients, you can do so by emailing invoice link. Processing fees are as low as 0%.

30. Coinsnap is a Bitcoin payment processor specialised in the European market. Besides traditional e-commerce, Coinsnap also supplies Bitcoin payment solutions for digital and content services.

The management team delivers over 20 years of experience in system-wide payment processing for multiple online payment methods to online providers worldwide.

31. Synala is an open source Bitcoin payment processing system that you can install on your server, which uses BIP32 wallets of any configuration you like. It is a free PHP system that allows you to start accepting Bitcoin payments online, without signing up to any third party payment processor like Coinbase.

Users simply need to register for an account in order to send funds, although registration can be as simple as an e-mail address and desired password.

You can define the amount, product, or invoice within the payment URL, otherwise the user will be requested to define how much they want to send (in fiat or BTC).

A new payment address is then generated and displayed to the user, including the exact amount in BTC owed. Once the funds are sent, the user will receive confirmation within seconds in real-time.