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See Top 50+ Bitcoin Exchange Websites in the World


 Finding the top Bitcoin exchange websites can be time-consuming.

You do not need to pass through that stress. I have put together the top 50+ Bitcoin exchange websites to help you save time and make the best decision when it comes to buying bitcoins from a reputable Bitcoin exchanger.

These listed Bitcoin exchanges have been scrutinized, using different factors for inclusion into the top 50 Bitcoin exchange websites.

In order to avoid conflict and debates as to the best sites among the pool of exchange websites that abound all over the web, be aware that I have put up this list not to determine the best exchange website.  but to showcase the top sites based on certain criteria.

This list is to showcase the top sites based on certain criteria.

Criteria for website showcase

Criteria such as the number of currencies accepted, client reach and geographical coverage, ease of purchase or acquisition of bitcoins, the simplicity of website and a host of other factors.

Security is a serious concern to a lot of bitcoin traders.

In my opinion, Bitcoin exchange websites which offer more flexible means of payment should be given higher priority.

This is because the more flexible a website is in terms of mode of payment acceptance, the more likely it is that such sites will have a larger customer base, which translates to higher scrutiny from both government agencies, regulators, and even users.

However, this is not to say sites with a lesser mode of payment accepted are less authentic than those with more.

It is simply a call to Bitcoin exchange websites to integrate more payment options for their clients to ensure wider user base in general and better scrutiny in particular.




This page may contain a list of Bitcoin websites, it is by no means exhaustive. There are still a lot of Bitcoin exchange websites out there that I may never have heard of.